Jimmy Chion

Design & code is my craft.

I am web developer and designer. I have designed and built several web brands from scratch, most as independent projects for public good that have generated millions of views and signups.
I've designed and built products at The New York Times, IDEO, and most recently, Dr. B. Below are web brands I've built and links to view them.

screenshots of hidrb.com layered on top of each other

Dr. B

Dr. B is a healthcare company that started as a COVID vaccine standby list In January 2021. Coincidentally, I was building the same idea – a centralized standby list – under the name VaxStandby. We merged forces after we both launched in February 2021, and within two weeks, I redesigned and rebuilt Dr. B's homepage. Since then, I've been contributing in design, engineering, and product.

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3D rendered vials of COVID vaccine in a grid pattern


My friend Ian Macartney and I started VaxStandby after we heard news of broken storage freezers and long lines outside pharmacies. I designed and built the website; Ian built out the backend.

We launched Feb 1, 2021. In the two weeks we were live, we garnered 125K signups. After learning about Dr. B we decided it didn’t serve anybody to duplicate efforts and have two national standby lists, so we closed VaxStandby and joined Dr. B.

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upside down banana colored purple and half-toned on an orange background with ballot.fyi label in top left


Ballot.fyi is a non-partisan, non-boring guide to the California ballot propositions, often numerous and consequential. I created the site as a solo side project in 2016, writing all its content. People shared the site widely and in the one month of October 2016, the site saw 1M unique visitors.

The project received a $75K grant from The Knight Foundation in 2017 to add San Jose and San Francisco to its coverage for the 2018 Midterms. In 2020, I took a sabbatical from The New York Times to cover the 2020 California props again.

In addition to providing practical information for voters, ballot.fyi is my way of pushing how journalism can be more approachable and trustworthy.

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A partial outline of the state of California, filled with various objects representing the state propositions
The Hamburglar standing against a blue background
upside down banana colored purple and half-toned on an orange background with ballot.fyi label in top left
A screenshot of ballot.fyi in 2020


For the 2020 edition, I rewrote ballot.fyi from scratch as a Next.js app with a custom CMS. I also rewrote all components to be compatible with Acelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and served AMP pages when requested.

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screenshot of ballot.fyi in 2018


With a grant from the Knight Foundation I teamed up with Yvonne Leow to a new local media company, By The Bay. We covered the primary and general elections in 2018 for San Jose, San Francisco, and California.

ballot.fyi (2018 general)
By The Bay (2018 general)
By The Bay (2018 primary)

A screenshot of ballot.fyi in 2016


The original ballot.fyi was born out of frustration that we were tasked with making heavy but often uninformed decisions at the voting booth. In the first day, 125K people visited the yet-to-be-completed site.

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Other, non-web things I've done